3 Reasons Why You Need a Blog

BizWomen_withManWhile most businesses have websites, getting customers to go to your site isn’t always easy in a crowded field of competition.

One way to get your static website active and keep customers coming back is by incorporating a blog into your site. Here are the top three reasons why blogs have become more popular:

From Static to Active: Search engines are more sophisticated than ever when it comes to Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Search engines can decipher from overstuffed websites (putting too many keywords in your copy) to quality content. One way to keep your website at the top of search engines is by having ongoing informational content, such as a blog.

Flex Your Knowledge: As business owners, we are all mini specialists in our given fields, so why not share some of that knowledge in a blog? By doing so, you will also start to position yourself as an expert. Readers often go back to the same source if the information presented is helpful and quick to read.

Gain New Customers: If readers keep going to your blog because they like your information, they may start to wander on your website and want to learn more about your business or you.

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