Start 2015 Off Right – Create a Communication Plan

Writing on paperOne of the best organizational tools a business should create to reach its goals is a communication plan.

A communication plan can outline the different channels you plan to use throughout the year to reach potential customers, increase your brand and more importantly create loyal customers.

Here are the elements of an effective communications plan.

Write a Goal: This should be a summary statement spelling out the overall outcome of your program.

Measurable Objectives: Your objectives should state how you plan to achieve your goal by a targeted date and how you plan to measure results.

Tactics: What are the activities you plan to implement to reach your objectives? This can include increasing your Facebook efforts or sending out quarterly newsletter to reach your audience.

Evaluation: Did you achieve your overall goal? Did your increased social media efforts help with branding or result in more sales?

Keep in mind a communication plan doesn’t have to be long, but merely an outline to keep you on track to reach your communication goals.

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