5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Website

file0001298529566Websites today are like our business cards. Everyone has one but not all are effective. It’s easy to get carried away by adding too much content or poor navigation that will confuse your customers and cause them to quickly leave your website.

To tell if you website is effective, you can use a tool like Google Analytics that will measure how many people are going to your site, what pages they are looking at and how fast they are leaving or the bounce rate. Here are some tips to make your site reader friendly:

  1. Use Bulleted Lists: This helps for quick scanning and organizing content.
  2. Links: Keep your content short and brief. Use links that say “Read More.”
  3. Keywords in Headlines: Using keywords will help search engines pick up your site. Use keywords in links so it’s searchable, but don’t overdo it by adding too many keywords. Search engines can tell when you are “stuffing” your page with too many keywords to rank higher in searches.
  4. About Us Page: Tell your story (keep it brief) and add pictures of the business, accomplishments, key personnel or the company dog to make it more inviting.
  5. Don’t Get Flashy: Remember that not all your customers may be on high-speed WiFi or have the latest software so they may not be able to see flash elements on your site or may not want to wait for it to load.

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