Why You Need a Book

GNA9XzuwPublishing a book is easier than ever before with the digital media world we are living in.

We have helped several clients with writing and editing their books, but here are some questions to ask yourself before taking on this huge project:

▪ Do you have something to say that will either teach or share your advice on a particular topic?

▪ Do you take part in a lot of speaking engagements?

▪ Are you willing to put the work in – from creating an outline, hiring a graphic designer and writers/editors?

If you answered yes to all these questions, here’s the benefits of having a book:

1. A Lasting Impression – Don’t you wish you had something tangible to give people when you are at a speaking engagement? Having a book will allow you to do a “book signing” at the end of a talk, which provides priceless networking opportunities.

2. Author and Expert – Many business owners are experts in the industries they are in. For example, if you are a business pro in starting many companies, you could write a book from the perspective of the do’s and don’ts to start a business.

3. Brand Awareness – A book allows you to promote yourself beyond your business. At some point, we all move on to different companies or retire. Being marketable afterwards entails self promotion and a book will help you do that.

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