Create Your Own News – Without the Media!

pexels-photo-177557.jpegGetting media coverage in today’s shrinking media market is very difficult unless you are a large company or you buy your own advertising.
However, if you have a somewhat large customer database, you can use that database to tell your own story. Through a variety of tools, you can inform your customers of your awards, achievements or new services/products. Here’s a snapshot of some things you can do.

Website News Page:
Make sure your website has a news page that lists your awards, achievements, press releases and all your social media links. This is a great, concise way to inform your customers. You can also turn your “About” page into a “News” page.

Social Media:
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are all examples of free and easy tools to quickly tell your customers about your products and services. More importantly, it keeps YOUR BRAND in front of customers!

This is another form of social media that gives you a longer platform to tell your customers opinions/how-to’s or information about your business. Remember, keep your posts under 500 words. If it’s too long, customers will click off.

Press Releases: If your business recently won an award or was recognized, don’t be afraid to write your own press release and stick it on your website. This gives customers a bit more information about why your/company received the award. A client may be interested to know why your company stood out from other competitors.

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