Let Social Media Help you Advertise


Just the other day, we had a conversation with a client about where to advertise since traditional advertising of print and TV are either too expensive or reach only limited audiences.

Many people have turned to digital communication. Just recently Social Media Today reported that social media users have increased by 176 million in the last year. And check this out: Facebook adds 1/2 million new users every day!

If you are reluctant to spend precious dollars on social media marketing, start small. For instance, Facebook and Twitter allow you to cap how much you want to spend. So if you only have $25 to spend, you won’t spend a penny over that. Advertising via Facebook allows you to target your customer to zip codes, likes, demographics and more. While Twitter can do the same, we have found that Facebook is a bit easier to navigate than Twitter when it comes to advertising.

Other sites such as Instagram and SnapChat also have advertising, but those audiences tend to be younger and you may have to work harder to win over your customers with those sites.

Another low-cost way to advertise on social media is through your customers. You can always ask your customers if they leave testimonials on your social sites, you will give them a discount on their next purchase.

If you need help with your social media advertising, contact us to help you build a winning advertising plan.

Contact us at team@MediaWriteSATX.com


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